in which the journey continues (after a long silence)

Hey friends, it’s good to be with you again.

Nearly five months have passed since my last post in October… too long, yet it seems like just yesterday. No, nothing drastic happened. Just life. And sometimes, life happens in a way that makes it hard to keep up with everything I want to do.

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grace in writing – guest post by E.K. Seaver

Hello, and happy Tuesday!

This cloudy northwest afternoon, I have the privilege and honor of sharing with you a tidbit from E.K. Seaver, writing friend and author of the upcoming release, The Reflections – which, if you recall from the cover spotlight a few weeks ago, is a Christian dystopic novel releasing in June of this year. In celebration of E.K.’s new release, and as part of the blog tour, I asked for her thoughts on how her faith played into influencing the writing of The Reflections. What she had to say in response was so refreshing and encouraging to read – and my hope is that this glimpse into the process and heart of her novel would be a blessing and encouragement to you as well.

Let me step aside and give the stage to E.K. Seaver.

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in which the journey begins

Writing this post took me far longer than it should have. I spent so much time pouring over introductions from blogger friends I follow, trying to find the style that best fit with me and my blog. I went for the humorous (found out snark isn’t really my thing), tried the straightforward, typed out sentences only to erase them seconds later. I’m afraid I’m not very good at copying other people. And, as yet, I’m not sure where I fit in… as you can tell, I’m still trying to figure my voice out right now.

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