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Hello and welcome, friend! I’m Libby, the quiet dreamer behind this blog.

Who am I? On a basic level, I’m a young woman who’s stubborn and gentle, rather introspective, a little timid, and more than a little introverted. I’m a bit of a book-nerd who calls herself a writer, and I love music – creating it, playing it on the piano, and listening to it. As a native of the Pacific Northwest, mountains and rivers and the smell of evergreens are some of the most beautiful things in the world to me. Having also grown up half-Japanese, I’ve come to love traditional Japanese culture and to care deeply for the Japanese people. Thinking is a favorite pastime of mine – in truth, some would call me an idealist or a visionary (though I prefer dreamer, it’s more poetic). But at the very core of who I am, behind the odd traits and tastes, I am a woman made new in Christ – a stumbling saint whom God is sanctifying day by day.

This blog is my venture to share some of my thoughts with you. My prayer is that you find it a light in a dark world, a merry waterfall along the weary way, a brief respite on that journey called life. Bear with me, I’m still discovering my direction out here on the blogosphere, so my posts may be somewhat scattered for a while. I can’t offer you anything for subscribing except the words you’ll read around this corner of the internet. But if you find you’d like to join me on my journey, you are absolutely welcome, my friend. Feel free to drop a message through the Post Office or in the comments below – advice is something I would truly appreciate, and new friends are treasures I can never have enough of.

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