grace in writing – guest post by E.K. Seaver

Hello, and happy Tuesday!

This cloudy northwest afternoon, I have the privilege and honor of sharing with you a tidbit from E.K. Seaver, writing friend and author of the upcoming release, The Reflections – which, if you recall from the cover spotlight a few weeks ago, is a Christian dystopic novel releasing in June of this year. In celebration of E.K.’s new release, and as part of the blog tour, I asked for her thoughts on how her faith played into influencing the writing of The Reflections. What she had to say in response was so refreshing and encouraging to read – and my hope is that this glimpse into the process and heart of her novel would be a blessing and encouragement to you as well.

Let me step aside and give the stage to E.K. Seaver.

I have a strange story of how I came to Christ. I was six when I prayed to become a chrisitan, however, my faith was not truly tested until I was about fourteen. I went through some really difficult things that broke me in many ways and still have consequences I deal with. One of the major things that got me through the time were stories I could escape my harsh reality through, both by writing and reading. Looking back on that period, I wish I had had more books that, while not only providing me an escape, also encouraged me towards Christ. 

That’s part of why The Reflections exists in its current form. 

When I started writing, I tried to keep my faith separate from my writing. I’d been exposed to a lot of Christian circles that critiqued pretty much every book that was not cheesy crystal clean (and honestly shallow). I felt like the unrealistic stories were both boring and implied that the perfect life was an easy and happy one. I wanted to keep my faith out of my stories so I could write what I wanted to write without garnering critique from Christian audiences.

Then I let my dad read a draft of The Reflections. 

After he read it, he both challenged and encouraged me to bring my faith into it. I wrestled with the idea for a while, but eventually decided to try it. The changes I made to the story fit so well and made it all the richer. It brought hope to the darkness as the characters had to deal with why God would let there be such a brokenness in the world– something that is all the more relevant over the past year. 

I’ve been working on the second book in the trilogy, which deals a lot with mental health, and being able to tie aspects of faith has both helped bring some hope to the story and encouraged me in my own mental health struggles. Even though I didn’t start writing The Reflections with the intent of being a Christian dystopian writer, I’m so thankful God has brought me down this path. He’s used so many books to encourage me, and I hope mine can encourage someone else.


To find an E. K. Seaver, you must set a trap. The best option is to lure her in using chocolate, blankets, and a typewriter, but if none of those are on hand, spare books and Broadway music can be easily substituted.
She prefers to be wild and free, though. Whether it includes adventuring through the Rocky Mountains or curled up at a local bookshop, she uses her freedom to produce art. From books to scarves to paintings, Ms. Seaver strives to honor her King in every aspect of her creative works. She desires her stories to hold a meaning beyond the tale and attempts to follow in the footsteps of storytellers who came before her.

You can find her and her wild adventures at or
on Instagram


Everyone in the Alliance knows about the Reflections. It’s the opportunity to get into the University, the only government-recognized form of education, and those accepted are guaranteed success and comfort for the rest of their lives. Thus, when Em Gades receives the silver invitation, her future is secured. The worst that could happen is she gets sent home, right?

Until she arrives, and the rumors about the Reflections prove true. The only way to live is to get into the University, and to do that you must be one of the four remaining Chosens at the end of the competition. Although she was warned beforehand to trust no one, Em quickly forms attachments to her fellow teammates with the hope that as many of them can survive as possible. However, as Chosens are rapidly executed for failing competitions, Em struggles to understand that, if God is real, why he would let something so terrible happen to a group of mostly innocent teenagers. With likely no more than a few days left to live, she and the other Chosens must navigate life or death situations and find answers to the question:

Are their lives worth the deaths of others?


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3 thoughts on “grace in writing – guest post by E.K. Seaver”

  1. Lovely post, E.K.! Thank you SO much for sharing, girls! 😀

    Also, I seriously need to get you into some different Christian circles. 😉

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  2. Thank you for sharing your story! I really appreciate it when authors are authentic and open about their faith in their novels. I am excited to read The Reflections when it comes out!

    Also, I love your author bio. I’ve read a lot in my day, and you’ve done an excellent job making yours memorable 🙂

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