in which the journey continues (after a long silence)

Hey friends, it’s good to be with you again.

Nearly five months have passed since my last post in October… too long, yet it seems like just yesterday. No, nothing drastic happened. Just life. And sometimes, life happens in a way that makes it hard to keep up with everything I want to do.

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tradeoffs, the bridge of little Jeremy, & a blogiversary

The nipping wind and my chilly toes every morning testify that November is almost here. It’s not a bad realization. We’re over half-way through the semester and each week that passes is one more that brings me closer to being home. There’s one thing about this fall, though, that keeps putting me off. There are no colorful leaves in SoCal. No maples bursting into flame, no vibrant trees along the lane. It’s like summer all over again, but draftier.

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author interview: R.M. Archer

Sometimes, a book comes along that creeps up on me in the subtlest of ways, steals my heart, then leaves me feeling like I’ve lost something deep and precious… yet also somehow found home. Calligraphy Guild was just such a book. Page by page, it swept me away on a dynamic journey, before fading quietly to the end. And it was beautiful and unexpected and powerful.

In honor of Calligraphy Guild’s imminent release, I had the honor of interviewing its author, a good friend of mine, R.M. Archer – and now, as part of Calligraphy Guild’s blog tour, I have the great privilege of sharing our conversation with you, my friends.

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