my Father’s world: a poem

This is my Father’s world:
at 6am, the dawn cool and clear,
skies dyed a pale yellow
melting into rosy peach – a heartbeat
just over the horizon, pulsing warmth
despite the crispness of the breeze.

I stop in the middle of the crosswalk
while the roads are still at rest;
not a soul but myself in sight,
serenaded by the chirping songbirds
and that woodpecker on the telephone pole.
And in the stillness I breathe a prayer
as the shadows give way to glory.

This is my Father’s world,
this home away from home,
where I still feel lost on a little campus,
the California sun breathing heat into the morning,
and the hummingbirds flitting over
exotic pink blossoms with names
I couldn’t guess.

I lean forward, baggy sweatshirt
flapping, feel that
ache in my chest dissolve
for one brilliant, blazing moment
as I stand in this silence.

And I think,
I belong here.
In my Father’s world.

It’s a start,
knowing I’ve just found my first bit of home.

Cover photo by Daniel Seßler on Unsplash

12 thoughts on “my Father’s world: a poem”

  1. 💙 so beautiful. You have such a gift for wordsmithery; I felt like I was standing right beside you on that crosswalk, breathing in the morning winds of our Father’s world that is broken but still blessed and beautiful.

    (Praying that your arrival on your new campus is the start of so many adventures!)

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  2. This was such a beautiful expression of words – it truly felt like standing in nature at golden hour, watching the sky change into all sorts of different colors and having a smile on your face, knowing that this world was created by a loving God. Thank you for sharing this, Libby! I hope you are settling in at college, and that you will have a wonderful time of growth there 🙂

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