to my Father: a lent-inspired confession

A few years back, I discovered Lent during a Bible study our church participated in, using the booklet, Journey to the Cross. That time leading up to Easter was a time of tremendous growth for me, as my sister and I met every night that we could to read through the book of Mark and pray together. To My Father is the poem that came out of that forty-day experience, particularly inspired by the week of lament and confession. It’s a poem I hold especially dear as the prayer of my heart. My hope is that it would be an encouragement to you, wherever you are in your journey.

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interlude: february ’22

Spring is almost upon us – can you believe it? – that turning of the seasons from grey and bitter cold to a world bathed in greens and new growth, small bursts of golden sunlight along the way. As the crocuses pop their heads above ground, and the snowdrops peak at the ground like shy maidens (wary of the blossom-eating bunnies), I find that my mind, too, is crowded with new ideas, peeping out from recesses here and there, sometimes grand and sometimes little – all manner of surprises to be examined and sorted through. One such bashful thought hung around a bit, and grew, and changed, and grew some more, until it made up its mind that it wanted to be given a chance…

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cover reveal: the reflections

I jolted awake this morning to the garbage truck growling into our cul-de-sac (considering our bins weren’t out yet, it was quite the race over the dewy concrete in my slippers… before I realized the truck was actually a yard waste collector – blessed revelation that came a little too late). But, as I was walking back to the house, anticipating the wall heater that would greet me by the front door, the feeling washed over me that despite my less-than-lovely a.m. escapade, it was actually a very beautiful, sunny morning. And so it is – the skies are clear, the air is crisp and very cold, and every breath out of doors is like inhaling the invigorating aroma of life.

How fitting, on such a gorgeous day, to have the privilege of sharing with you the gorgeous cover for E.K. Seaver’s upcoming book.

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